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Robert Decker is a geophysicist and volcanologist, and former scientist-in-charge of the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. He also spent 25 years as Professor of Geophysics at Dartmouth College. Barbara Decker is a science writer specializing in natural history and national parks. Together this husband-and-wife team has written 15 books and many magazine articles

Rick Hazlett is the Chairman of the Geology Department at Pomona College, and is the author of Roadside Geology of Hawaii published by Mountain Press.           Hazlett.jpg (5495 bytes)
    DDLOGO.GIF (1794 bytes)     BBHIweb.jpg (5082 bytes) Double Decker Press was established in 1984 to publish Road Guides to National Parks and Monuments, with eight titles currently in print.

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